On this page I have collected the covers of Japanese magazines that contain articles and material on magical girls,
a guide for all fans. I tried to put them in chronological order
, sometimes supplements are attached to magazines.
Obviously there are still many missing, but the research continues...
This is an exclusive of my website and my original idea, everything else is imitation.
All images are for illustrative purposes only.

Himitsu no Akko-chan

Mahou no star Magical Emi

Mahou no stage Fancy Lala

Mahou shojo Lalabel

Hana no ko Lun Lun

Mahou no tenshi Creamy Mami

Majokko Meg-chan

Mahou no princess Minky Momo

Mahou no yosei Pelsia

Mahoutsukai Sally

Mahou no angel Sweetmint

Mahou no idol pastel Yumi

All images are their respective owner, creator, distibutors.