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Welcome to magical girls website!

Welcome to my website devoted to Toei & Studio Pierrot magical girls. This site is for all the magical girls fans. I always loved the magical girls anime series, that's why I decided to make this site. Also to show you the things I have collected through the years, like books, cd, dvd and so on... Thank you for visiting and have fun surfing around!!
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17/02/2022 Fairy Pelsia: Added 545 new images in Titles & Cameos, Openings & Endings, Special Images and Anime Series all from master HD.
13/02/2022 34 HD images in Yume Sekai Hodgepodge page.
01/2022 40 new images in Minky Momo Eyes Constellation music clip.
2021 1.543 images, 3 goods, 12 cels, 9 fan arts, 252 sketches & settei.
2020 1.204 images, 269 sketches & settei, 35 gifs, 27 goods, 8 wallpaper, 11 fan arts, 120 coloring sheets, 15 magazines, 63 storyboards, 23 pictures in your collections.
2019 399 images, 201 gifs, 4 multimedial files,
734 fan arts, 274 fanzine images, 15 wallpapers,
570 goods.


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This site was born 14 years ago, when social networks didn't yet exist and its main purpose was to be an archive of images. Today there are hundreds of pages especially on Facebook with the same theme, all the images on that Facebook pages are taken from sites like mine, but since my images are all signed, lately I have been reproached as they could not be "used" for pages on Facebook. Well, my site was not created to please the authors of the Facebook pages, it's and it will remain an archive of images, to the delight of those who want to visit it. I will continue to sign the images because I think it's a way to protect my work. The purpose of the site hasn't changed so get over it.


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