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Welcome to Magical Girls Website !

This website is dedicated to all the magical girls lovers. I always loved the magical girls anime series, that's why I decided to make this website. Also to show you the things I have collected through the years, like books, cd, dvd, etc. Thank you for visiting and have fun surfing around!!

If you want to use some of my images & scans on your website please read the disclaimer.

*** Updates ***


My Collection: added 26 new items in Various, 7 models, 2 plush and 1 cd.


Creamy Mami: added 1 new gif, 100 cels.

Magical Emi: added 13 cels.


My Collection: added 1 in Various Items, 1 in Notebooks, 4 dvd & opened a new section for my magazines.


My Collection: added 17 items in Various and 2 figures in Models.

15.09.2010 My Collection: added new goods in Various Items and new action figures in Models.

Blog: updated.

Network: we have a new space ! Check it out and join us !

My collection: added new items in Plush dolls and 1 figure in Models.

19.06.2010 Blog updated. Holidays: I'll be on holiday from June 21st to July 8th.
02.06.2010 Blog updated, Multimedia: added 1 new file.
10.05.2010 My Collection: added new goods in Various Items.
03.05.2010 Lalabel: added some cameos, 22 new screenshots and 10 special images.
16.04.2010 International Anime Fair: added 13 new pictures.
14.04.2010 Blog updated.
06.04.2010 My collection: added 29 various items, 3 new notebooks, 1 manga serie, 1 new book. Creamy Mami: added 1 new artworks by Akemi Takada and 8 new gifs. Wallpapers: added a new one. A new section dedicated to the International Anime Fair and a new one for the pictures of your "magical" collection.
04.03.2010 Creamy Mami: added new gifs.
08.02.2010 My Collection: added new goods in Various Items.
04.02.2010 Blog updated.
01.02.2010 Pelsia: added 21 new fan arts.
04.01.2010 Creamy Mami: added 5 pictures in other images, Magical Emi: 1 picture in other images, Lun Lun: 13 pictures in other images, Pastel Yumi: 1 picture in other images and added 2 items in My collection (Various).

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